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Raspberry Pi Temperature Sensing

By Jason Birch

Using the RPiSPi Multi SPI device driver to measure temperature via an MCP3008 A-D converter. Measuring temperature with an MCP9701A temperature sensor and 100K thermistor.

Joule Thief

By Jason Birch

The principles of the Joule Thief circuit. A circuit to increase the voltage of a power source to a higher voltage in order to drive a load depending on a higher voltage to work.

Raspberry Pi SPI Multiple Device Driver

By Jason Birch

Linux device driver which can drive up to 32 SPI devices, x 8 if device is addressable. 4096 additional GPIO, 256 A-D lines, 32 x 128x64 OLED displays, or RAW SPI device control.

Raspberry Pi Microchip PIC Micro-controller Programmer

By Jason Birch

Raspberry Pi Microchip PIC hardware programmer interface and Python code to allow Microchip PIC micro-controllers to be developed for and devices programmed from the Raspberry Pi.

Raspberry Pi Piezo Beep Music

By Jason Birch

Playing beep music on a Raspberry Pi with a very quick and cheap project. Assemble a few components in ten minutes and be making sounds and playing music with the Raspberry Pi.

Open Source Microchip PIC Game

By Jason Birch

Design and development of a game using a Microchip PIC micro-controller. Detailed analysis of the development process to create the circuit and assembly code.

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