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Raspberry Pi Palm Top

2013-03-17 10:10 By Jason Birch

Raspberry Pi battery powered portable palmtop computer. Using an XBox Chatpad for input and a 3.5" LCD display on a hinge for output.

The video here demonstrates the project which this article describes.

The article breaks the project down into several stages:

  • Background
  • Hardware


This project brings together the following previous projects and adds a modular hinge to the LCD display so that the display can be folded flat while being carried around.

XBox Chatpad Click for details on how to wire an XBox Chatpad to a Raspberry Pi.

3.5" Composite LCD Click for details on how to wire a 3.5" composite LCD to a Raspberry Pi and power them from 6 x AA NiMH batteries.

The hinge has been made modular to allow it to be removed or put back as required, this leaves the Raspberry Pi and LCD display free to be used in other projects if required, and allows them to be reassembled back into this project at any time.

The hardware for the hinge is basic and requires only connectors, strip board, a piece of five core wire and a small hinge.

The wiring is direct from the connector on one side of the hinge to the matching connector on the opposite side of the hinge. The strip-board is used to anchor each connectors ground pin with plenty of solder, which gives the connectors a mechanical stability.

The connectors used on the LCD side are a female phono connector for composite video, a standard audio female 3.5mm stereo socket, a 2.5mm female power socket. The connectors on the Raspberry Pi side are a male phono plug for composite video, a standard audio male 3.5mm stereo plug, a 2.5mm male power plug.